The "Crossed Swords" Complex

Iraq's interim Government officially recognized the role of the Iraq Memory Foundation in 2004, granting it long-term use of the "Crossed Swords" ceremonial parade grounds complex in Baghdad. In February 2005 that official order was formalized with a 40-year lease. When the Foundation completes planning, design and construction of the "Crossed Swords" complex, it will serve as nucleus for all its activities and programs, functioning as archive, museum, memorial and a center of culture and scholarship.

"The Iraq Memory Foundation shall establish a national institution located in the center of Baghdad, at the Ceremonial Parade Grounds and the Arches of Victory, to gather these testimonies, documents and artifacts. This institution will be a landmark in the capital, open to all citizens, and shall be a national endowment."

Prime Ministerial Order,25/8/04